10 Things That Totally Should Exist Right Now

So I just write lists of stuff right now. I’m trying out James Altucher’s daily practice (without a lot of success, but whatever). Sometimes I have a good one, so I keep it. Some of them will be put up here.

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Thoughts on a Snowy Day

Many of you will know that the Midwest got a metric shit ton of snow last week. That’s a picture of it after it sat for several days and got plowed and shoveled and whatever else happened.  Just in case you were wondering,  I’m still not 100% that I’ll get to work every time I go out.

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Hello World

Ok, so this is not the actual “Hello World” post.

The thing is, my site got hacked, and in order to destroy what had infested the thing, I obliterated my old site. Sad but true.

I decided that this was a good time to start over, so I came up with a list of possible things I could write about. Continue reading