May the Fourth Be With You! The Mug Cake Awakens

I’ve been looking for a way to get more of that “baker” in the tagline into my blog. So I remembered that I like mug cakes. Honestly, I planned for this to be my second or third mug cake post, and I would have something more explanatory already up, but work happened and I have started a diet that has stolen a few billion of my brain cells attention. 

But the short of it is that I’m kind of reviewing other mug cake recipes for their ability to be converted to gluten free,  and probably inventing a few of my own.

I will occasionally do what I’m going to call “An Act of Desperation” and see if I can’t convert it to something that is ok with the diet I’m on. It’s called that because the diet I’m on mostly requires the fats to be replaced with bananas and beans, and the carbs to be replaced with. .. I’m not sure,  but most of the recipes I’ve seen pretend that eggs and banana in a pan equals a cake. I don’t agree.

So, the first review is for Star Wars Day! I’m reviewing this recipe. It’s supposed to be like that nifty portion bread from the Force Awakens.

The first thing I noticed was that Matcha powder is not easy to come by, and really expensive. I just happened to have a friend who had some, but if you’re just looking to try this one recipe it may not be worth it.

I don’t have a good Star Wars Mug, so Doctor Who will have to do.
First, I sprayed with vegetable oil, and added the dry ingredients.
Then I added the milk and vanilla and mixed it up. Then I realized that I forgot sugar, so I added it along with another 1/4 tsp of vanilla.
Popped it in the microwave and…
Well, it was cooked and it did taste ok. The big deal is that it doesn’t look like a cake. For reference this is the least risen of the mug cakes I’ve done before:
Others have had better luck. There’s a bunch of videos of other people doing this recipe. One big deal might be the type of flour (I’ve been using Krusteaze gluten free all purpose). The recipe calls for cake flour, so this may do better as a non-gluten free cake or with a higher protein gluten free flour. And there’s that whole forgot the sugar thing.

Hopefully yours will turn out better.


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