My daughter’s parakeet is named Shine. We bought Shine with her savings and Christmas money about two months ago.
We had a good week of a sweet, fun little bird who looked like she was happy to see us and wanted to come out and play. I was telling people it was like having a tiny dog who barks at you when you come home to show you all the neat tricks it learned while you were gone.
Next week, no cute, happy bird.
In fact, Shine became a bit of a dick.
She bites with increasing strength and intensity, she doesn’t like to come outside. The only thing that seems like an imporovement is that she wants to play in my hair. That’s only ok if I want to take a shower immediately afterward. Birds don’t have spincters, so I’m about guaranteed to have poop in my hair.
Despite all of this, we’re hooked on the birdy. We recently bought it a bird playground, and we’ve been throwing around ideas of what songs we want to try and get it to sing. It’s making a lot of noises that sound like it’s trying to talk, and it seems to appreciate music. Rap is Shine’s favorite so far.
We’re operating under the assumption that the sweet bird will return, or will evolve into something else that’s friendly. Several websites and a friend of ours have suggested that Parakeets take a while to be convinced that you’re not going to eat them. And since their name from Australia (Buderigar/budgie) is a butchering of the native name for them that means “good to eat,” I guess that’s a valid concern.
In the end , we love the bird, even though it doesn’t like us much.

If you want to see videos and pictures of our little Shine follow my instagram account.


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