I know that title looks like some kind of brag from five years ago, but really… how awesome is the tablet?

You have something that can replace a laptop for most things. It’s big enough that you can treat it like a hardcover book, or a notebook page or a TV. Jeeze, mine is the same size as the first TV I had in my room, and that thing was in black and white and needed the wind to blow in just the right direction to get in anything other than Spanish language channels. I couldn’t even get in Telemundo; it was some weird channel that mostly showed the Andy Griffith show dubbed over.
Now I can watch just about anything I want on a thing that’s only as thick as a notebook. I can write a book, make the cover, and send it to someone who will surely reject it for “the Book of Farts” by Seth MacFarlane.
I can run my website, build an app, make a living on this one device. And if I can’t do all of it on one thing, the thing I need to do is probably made to work on my phone my laptop, my watch, the toaster, random cyborg squirrels that keep attacking my back door…

The other side of that is freaking disturbing.

Everything knows everything.
If you’re out of milk your Facebook friends, half of Twitter, and everybody on Peepl knows about it and is ready to mock your milkless existence. Or condemn your use of milk in the first place, or applaud that you let it run out depending on what level vegan they are. What the heck is the official opinion on milk right now?
I’m glad to have a normal microwave that doesn’t know what the heck I’m putting in it. I’m not putting much of interest in there, but it might be confused about my socks full of rice (I have a cold and sinus issues. They make great heat/cold packs). The last thing I need is someone showing up at my door because I put things wrapped in plastic or still in the styrofoam. Sure that’s paranoid, but I really don’t think it would be the government or anything. It would be nosy people from the eternal game of 8 degrees of Kevin Bacon that happens on the internet. People who know someone who knows someone who liked my author page a long time ago and they noticed that I have a children and microwave horrible components. I get it, but sometimes you just have to shove it in the freezer, and sometimes you then have to shove it in the microwave. It’s not the plan or anything.

So we must balance the awesome with the not awesome.

We live in an age where we can send a pizza emoji to a company, and they show up at your door with pizza! We also live in a place where if you don’t have the right opinion on almond use you can have your life destroyed by well-meaning internet mobs.

Vive le Tablet, but beware the tablet.


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