I’ve been working on a children’s chapter book about a pirate princess, and so the question of what one could come in contact with in the ocean.

  1. Sharks
    Oldie but goody
  2. Kraken/Giant Octopus/Giant squid

    Dude, watch that! If that can happen with a crab the size of a dinner plate, imagine what a bigger octopus could do. I think it puts our eight legged overlords in the true top place of things to be afraid of in the ocean.
  3. Mermaids/Sirens
    Something that just sings, and makes you crash into solid objects so it can devour you. I’d imagine that it’s much like driving while texting how happy the song “Happy” makes you.
  4. Pirates
  5. Piranhas
    Ok, not an ocean fish, but we’re talking fantasy here. Besides, it’s about a pirate, so there’s bound to be some onshore adventures to be had.
  6. Davy Jones
    Not that one…ok, maybe
    davy jones
  7. Ghosts/Ghost ships
  8. Shrieking Eels
  9. The Doldrums
    The spot in the middle of the Atlantic where the winds tend to just…stop.
    Cabin fever! Ahh
  10. HurricanesWell, there had to be something normal on here.

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