We’ve all been there. You turn the wrong corner and BAM! You’re surrounded by unicorns and anthropomorphic rodents. So what are the possible reasons why you’ve found yourself in an alternate reality? Here’re ten possible reasons, because we all know, the first thing you do when you realize you’re in a portal fantasy is to find out why.

  1. You’re the chosen one.
    You have some fated future that will make or break the world you now find yourself in, the one you just came from, or both.
  2. Whatever you need to save the world is somewhere else
    You need the troll dong of digeridoo; it’s the only thing that can kill King Meowsworth of the Whisker kingdom. He’s come to the feeble Earth to take it over; you must go to the Whisker kingdom and get his one weakness. Duh.
  3. You have been captured by the other world’s evil overlord
    So the Penguin world is in need of a savior, and you are it. Lord Pingopoli¬†will want to stop you. It’s easiest to do that when you are in his world.
  4. Some coming of age ritual requires it
    You are now a man or woman or sentient sponge, and you must go into the magical mirror realm and bring back requisite proof the you are sporting your secondary sexual characteristics. Usually, it’s the head of some poor creature.
  5. The aliens don’t care what you say
    Maybe you aren’t the one, or the right age, or anything special. But those dang Mercurians don’t understand. Maybe they don’t know English; maybe they don’t care. It doesn’t matter; they keep coming around with that probe, and you don’t like the looks of it.
  6. A case of mistaken identity
    You look just like the Queen of Bulvalvia! Good for you!
  7. Your dead relative needs it
    There’s nothing like a message from the future, or the past, or the other side. Your great Aunt Genevive has a message for you…a message of doom. You are going to be swallowed up by the otherworld, and you need to save them from something horrible on the other side. Nothing like a little peek into your future.
  8. Weather
    Yeah, the weather can do some crazy things: Fly you into a giant storm, send you off your boat, fly you over the rainbow. All of these things can land you in a fantastical land where up is down and left is right and tomorrow is next Thursday.
  9. The Penguins don’t care what you say
    Maybe you have more of a penguin issue. They don’t like your guff, and they don’t get your human squawking. They’re keeping you in a cold penguin world, and they won’t listen to a thing you say.
  10. Goblin Kings are kinda hot
    Yeah, you might know what I’m talking about. Bowie forever.

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