Thoughts on a Snowy Day

Many of you will know that the Midwest got a metric shit ton of snow last week. That’s a picture of it after it sat for several days and got plowed and shoveled and whatever else happened.  Just in case you were wondering,  I’m still not 100% that I’ll get to work every time I go out.
The whole city was shut down for two days. The third day you were probably not going anywhere without 4wheel drive.
I was kicking myself the whole time for not having my books out.
I don’t have personal days or sick dys at my job, so when the shole city is closed down for two days, I have two days of no money coming in. That’s two days less income. Not the end of the world, but an inconvenience at the least.
If I had books out, maybe I would have had some money coming in even with no way to get out of my parking lot.
And it’s not just books, I sometimes make covers for I haven’t been putting anything new on there because of being a bit frustrated with them. I’ve never made a lot from them, but when I do its a bigger amount.
I’ve also given a try from time to time. I’ve never made money, but I usually get close.
I should have been making money, and I shouldn’t even have had to work very hard at it.
It’s realizations like this that make me see how easy it could be to get a lot more independent.  How could you leverage what you already have?

Hello World

Ok, so this is not the actual “Hello World” post.

The thing is, my site got hacked, and in order to destroy what had infested the thing, I obliterated my old site. Sad but true.

I decided that this was a good time to start over, so I came up with a list of possible things I could write about. Continue reading